F1 race after parties

Posted: 20/10/2010 in Formula 1

If you were ever unsure on what drivers do before or after races or not doing events for mugs like us, this is what they do. The likes of Sutil, Glock, Sakon and Bruno are all there.


Nico Rosberg has a quick chat with the Mercedes media team: “It’s great that F1 go off to see new people and I’m sure they will do a good job of the track and everything”.

Sporting director Massimo Rivola talks about the challenges of the new circuit on the calendar and how they cope with a simulator for testing to help win one of the most important races in history.

He also mentions the mind-set of both Fernando and Felipe, that they are both focused for the task ahead and that Alonso is up to the challenge with Felipe ready to make a big contribution even though being unlucky in the last race.

After a few months of being busy doing my marshalling, finding part-time jobs and finishing my OU course i decided to take a few months out of doing this blog, but has now finished taking a rest and will take up the role of finding interesting things to read about F1 and racing for you the reader.  But what a season eh? for F1 with 3 races to go it’s still 5 -3 drivers to take the WDC I’ll be there hopefully all the way with you to the season final at abu Dhabi.

With the stunning lap times by vettel yesterday I’m sure most F1 fans thought that it would be a simple pole for the qualifying hotshot. But this time round Webber put in a good solid performance to take it to his own teammate and vettel was unable to respond with a quicker time, because of traffic.

 Ferrari looked quick but not quick enough to keep up with both Red Bull’s and Alonso was nearly a second slower then webber, which was making Alonso very annoyed as I’m sure you can imagine. Renault were also outclassing both McLarens and Mercedes GP cars with Kubica being 4th and new boy Petrov 7th, a good performance by him so far but yet to seal some decent points all season. Jenson and Lewis in  their McLaren  cars couldn’t come anywhere nere the sector 2 times of the other teams, losing around 6-7 tenths in that sector alone, and believing that both McLarens might not be able to make it through to Qualifying 3 with mid table teams closer to them then previous grand prix’s.

Rosberg showed again that he should be the number 1 driver in Mercedes, being the only driver in the top 10 after practice 3 and also half a second quicker then schumacher. Williams look good for qualifying and a few good runs would put immense pressure on the McLarens and if luck was on their side they could kick both McLarens out before the last qualifying session.

Vettel top of practice 2

Posted: 30/07/2010 in Formula 1

Today vettel layed down a time nearly half a second quicker than Fernando could do, and 1.2 seconds quicker than championship leader Lewis Hamilton. Both Red bulls and Ferrari’s were quick but it seems only Vettel could get close to the 1 minute 19 second mark for today at least. Lewis and Jenson seemed to struggle a few times with the McLaren while both Petrov and Kubica looked steady with the Renault. Schumacher was quicker in practice than his rival Rosberg who also struggled with all the knobs and buttons on his car.

Times in full: 

  1. Vettel, 1:20.087
  2. Alonso, 1:20.584
  3. Webber, 1:20.597
  4. Massa, 1:20.986
  5. Petrov, 1:21.195
  6. Hamilton, 1:21.308
  7. Kubica, 1:21.375
  8. Hulkenberg, 1:21.623
  9. Button, 1:21.730
  10. Schumacher, 1:21.773
  11. Pedro, 1:21.809
  12. Barrichello, 1:21.844
  13. Rosberg, 1:22.039
  14. Kobayashi, 1:22.212
  15. Alguersuari, 1:22.469
  16. Sutil, 1:22.507
  17. Buemi, 1:22.602
  18. Liuzzi, 1:23.138
  19. Trulli, 1:24.553
  20. Glock, 1:25.376
  21. Grassi, 1:25.669
  22. Senna, 1:26.745
  23. Sakon, 1:26.798
  24. Heikki, 1:27.705

While on the Sunday I was there in the Pit Straight stands I heard a sound which I thought only existed in Football games and fake wrestling matches in the WWF over in this country. Yet there I was reading a few weeks ago that the British fans are “the best in the world” and “they always cheer the other drivers” well fuck me did that turn out to be a lie since most of you guys/girls booed the hell out of Fernando Alonso at Silverstone this weekend and you even have the balls to jeer at vettel/massa for doing nothing, what is matter with you people?

Do you always boo at people who are a threat at your “homeboys” Lewis and Jenson or do you still hold grudges against German drivers like Schumacher but feel obliged to take it out on Vettel who is nothing like Schumi in the old days or are you still bringing up the WW2 crap that never involved people under the age of 65.

What gives you the right saying; “Italian fans shouldn’t boo Lewis, it’s wrong and unsportsman like” and “The Spanish fans shouldn’t boo and cover their faces in black paint to demoralise Lewis” your just as flipping bad as the rest of those idiots who give a bad name for F1.

At least some people had a backbone and just enjoyed the race for what it was and not get involved with the braindead british pikies who did boo.

My thoughts?: Fuck you boo boys/girls…. Fuck You.