British fans boo Fernando Alonso

Posted: 13/07/2010 in Formula 1

While on the Sunday I was there in the Pit Straight stands I heard a sound which I thought only existed in Football games and fake wrestling matches in the WWF over in this country. Yet there I was reading a few weeks ago that the British fans are “the best in the world” and “they always cheer the other drivers” well fuck me did that turn out to be a lie since most of you guys/girls booed the hell out of Fernando Alonso at Silverstone this weekend and you even have the balls to jeer at vettel/massa for doing nothing, what is matter with you people?

Do you always boo at people who are a threat at your “homeboys” Lewis and Jenson or do you still hold grudges against German drivers like Schumacher but feel obliged to take it out on Vettel who is nothing like Schumi in the old days or are you still bringing up the WW2 crap that never involved people under the age of 65.

What gives you the right saying; “Italian fans shouldn’t boo Lewis, it’s wrong and unsportsman like” and “The Spanish fans shouldn’t boo and cover their faces in black paint to demoralise Lewis” your just as flipping bad as the rest of those idiots who give a bad name for F1.

At least some people had a backbone and just enjoyed the race for what it was and not get involved with the braindead british pikies who did boo.

My thoughts?: Fuck you boo boys/girls…. Fuck You.

  1. Adam says:


    I think you’re taking this somewhat out of context.

    There were far fewer boos than jeers. The jeers were in a playful manner (clearly, it was cheering, clapping and jeering together), aimed towards:

    a. Vettel, title protagonist, arch-enemy of home-favourites McLaren;
    b. Alonso, a man who tried his damndest to destroy McLaren when he realised that it wasn’t working out for him;
    c. Massa, but merely because it was in a Ferrari.

    What the (few – thankfully, the majority of people have some sense of morals and dignity about them) Spanish fans at the Barcelona testing session did when they painted their faces black was appalling behaviour.

    People don’t hold grudges against drivers, they form opinions. The opinion of many about Schumacher (to take your example), is that he was a driver who was prepared to push the interpretation of the rules too far. That’s why many dislike him.

    I’m not writing this as a defence of McLaren or the home drivers, but to give another side to the story. I was just along the way from you in the Platinum Plus Luffield (Three, I think), and the atmosphere was perfectly acceptable. I had some Ferrari fans in front of me, a Schumacher fan to one side of me and a Vettel fan the other. They clearly took the atmosphere in the way that it was intended.

    To call fans “braindead British Pikies” on the basis that they were passionate about the circumstances affecting the opening laps of the British GP is somewhat unfair, and not a true reflection of the atmosphere at the race.

  2. Lianne says:

    In some social demographics isnt ‘Boo’ a compliment anyway?

    Infact, if i recall correctly from my time in Staines, pikies seem to be the ones who use such phrases: ‘Booyeah man, thats SICK, motherfucker’ (as an example) far more commonly then the meaning of ‘Boo’ in the negative term of phrase.

    Maybe they were simply embracing Alonso with open arms into our wonderfully multiculturally tolerant society and we have misinterpreted their boos for actual adoration of his suspiciously well maintained eyebrows?

    And besides, i thought you hated Alonso? Or do you looooooooovvveeeeee hiiiimmm and want to kiiiiiiisssssss hiiiimm? 😛 Nur nur nur nur nur


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