The crash I saw up close as a Marshal for the weekend

Posted: 03/06/2010 in Formula 1

John Grant in the number 6 McLaren M8 c, had a horrific crash at Paddock Hill at a speed to worry about for any racer. Just before his crash his brakes failed on him, being unable to stop he crashed into the tyre barrier and burst into flames before everyone. At the time I was at post 7 (aka Graham Hills bend) I was able to catch it with my eye when the brave marshals of Brands Hatch put it out saving John Grants life.

The race was instantly red flagged when it happened and medical crews were quickly on scene to try and help him. Lucky though John Grant was still conscious at the time when the fire was put out and was just aching all over. Unable to get him out with the equipment they had, the fire brigade was called out to assist the marshals. Four fire lorries came to get him out and already he was stuck in the car for over 30 minutes, people were starting to get worried thinking he didn’t have much time to get to hospital. Then a hospital helicopter landed inside the circuit ready to get john out, but still the Fire brigade were trying to cut through the wreck which was trapping John’s legs. After 2 long hours of trying to get him out of the car they finally did, a sigh of relief from the marshals and other staff there knowing that he was still alive. After leaving in the helicopter to the hospital news came through about his injuries, lucky for John only a few ribs and parts of his legs were broken, no life injuries came up.

Also rumours came up that the Doctor there said to John that the next time he should pick up a lottery ticket pritty much saying those were the odds of him living at that fatal speed, a very lucky man he was.

A video from a spectator who was there at the time recording not the crash but the aftermath. You can see me at 0.26 of the video, the guy sitting down with the black trousers nere the marshal hut.


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