I believe Massa will retire this year

Posted: 16/05/2010 in Formula 1

Am I the only person wondering why Felipe’s father is looking so worried all the time? In the past I have seen Luiz Massa always smile when his son was driving for Ferrari and that he would always put thumbs up even if Felipe was doing badly. But this season those smiles have gone completely and I am somewhat concerned about Felipe’s future in Formula 1.

The smile we used to see from the Massa camp every race…

Yes Luiz should be concerned about his son at every race as we have seen, even the smallest of solid objects could kill a person while driving at high speeds. But at the height of the 2010 season we have heard multiple rumours about Robert Kubica to become Alonso’s new team-mate for the 2011 campaign and that Alonso has already wrapped his little finger around the Ferrari crew, eyebrows are being raised every race without a new contract for Felipe.

Has Felipe finally given up to becoming a F1 champion and that he would rather focus more on his new family? Has he just rolled over for Alonso to come in, or did he just say to Ferrari that he doesn’t want to race anymore and they should put all their efforts into Alonso now.

Every passing race it’s looking more obvious on Luiz face that Felipe is saying his goodbyes to everyone already to make way for the new Ferrari era.


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