How powerful has alonso got in Ferrari?

Posted: 16/05/2010 in Formula 1

Looking at qualifying yesterday I was happy that 3 Renault’s got the top 3 places and that on race day Vettel took 2nd to take points on a circuit which I feel vettel is very weak on considering last years result. But the most taxing thing I was thinking about all weekend was how calm Alonso just looked, yes he was mad that he crashed and the british media took the piss out of him a bit. But he just stood there calm, cold looking, not bothered and looking in complete control of himself and Ferrari while they just got his car ready.

Now I’m scared of a few things, flying, underground trains and fuck off massive spiders but Alonso to me just looked like “scary” and I mean like “gangster scary” like Michael Corleon in the Godfather scary. He acts smarter than he sounds which is a questionable thing to say since he opens his mouth every week but I believe this to be a front. The guy went to Oxford university early in his career and speaks Italian, English and French on top of  his native tounge so it looks to me that he has more brains than just hair and eyebrows.

Alonso has been having both bad luck and good luck this season but even with Massa slowly gaining ground again it just doesn’t seem to stop Alonso taking control over Ferrari in a F1 degree and is just brushing Massa aside, It’s like the Kimi Massa era is being erased slowly by a Fernando Alonso virus of sorts. What the hell is Alonso? is he a bigger influence in Ferrari then Schumacher ever was? could Alonso go down as the greatest of all time at the expense of so many other drivers…

Be afraid for 2011…


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