Winners and Losers of the Spanish GP Qualifying

Posted: 08/05/2010 in Formula 1

How could we forget the quiet boys in F1 who get a few chances of glory here and there. yes the top 4 teams and their drivers got into the top 10 but lets look at all the winners and losers of Qualifying today and give your views on who you think is the biggest loser and winner of today.


Kamui Kobayashi/ 1:21.984/ 10th on the grid

Kamui set his second best grid position of the season so far and has given himself a decent chance to walk away with his first points of the season with Sauber. The new F-duct and other upgrades for the car have seemed to have helped both drivers with Pedro de la Rosa getting 12th and being in front of the other mid runner teams. Kamui is on the heels of both Massa and Rosberg who have both been struggling with settings and upgrades, he could get more than he first thought if he is able to continue with the pace he showed today.


Robert Kubica/ 1:21.353 / 7th on the grid

Kubica was doubtful he would still be up with the top 4 teams this race, with the little amount of upgrades given to him and Petrov it would surely look that Kubica would be 9th-10th on the grid with top 4 team drivers locking them out. At the end of qualifying 3 even Kubica himself couldn’t believe that he got 7th,  again above a Mercedes and a Ferrari. Maybe this is a sign for Renault to put more effort into the car this year and get higher up the table. Kubica starts on the clean side with Schumacher and Button a stones throw away which should be a good fight all the way.


Michael Schumacher/ 1:21.294 / 6th on grid

A respectful comeback for the 7 times world champion finally, putting in a better qualifying result then his team-mate for the first time this season. Michael was given a newly designed car for Barcelona and was looking to be a good result with Michael putting solid practice sessions all day showing with the qualifying result. Michael needs to put in a solid race to gain more confidence from this and it looks to be that he is slowly doing it, he will need to be wary of Kubica, Massa and team-mate Rosberg who are all breathing down his neck. Rosberg will surely be wanting to get in front of Schumacher at all cost at the end to keep the Mercedes team around him and to not give Schumacher the space.



Rubens Barrichello/ 1:23.125 /18th on the grid

Rubens was given all the new upgrades that Williams could offer to him for this race with no actual improvements showing. Rubens’ team-mate who was left out of the new upgrades for Spain got through to qualifying two and finished 6 places above him in the end which puts more salt into the wounds of Williams with them backing the wrong driver on the day. Rubens will have a full days work with both Toro Rosso’s in front of him, passing them should be a hard job unless they by some miracle leave an opening for him while they fight it out.


Felipe Massa / 1:21.585 / 9th on the grid

A bad day for Felipe with the new F-duct added on the car which was meant to boost both cars chances to do well today. The new F-duct is activated by the drivers left hand when he takes his hand off the wheel at over 180 mph……. this though seemed to have hindered Felipe. At some point Felipe was nearly kicked out of knockout stage 2 since he just seemed to not get to grips with the new car unlike Alonso. At the end of qualifying 3 Felipe Massa is over 1.5 seconds off the pace of both Red Bulls, so he will be unlikely challenge Rosberg or Kubica in the race for more points but will probably see more action off Kamui behind.


Nico Rosberg/ 1:21.408 / 8th on grid

Oh dear… first time Rosberg has been out qualified by his older compatriot, and it seems Rosberg is on the same train as Massa with struggling with the new upgrades. Mercedes staff said Rosberg had more weight to the front of his car unlike Schumacher who had his weight evened out who got a better result, not looking good for Nico for the actual race itself. Nico looks to have a boring race tomorrow being around 1 tenth of a second behind Schumacher but over 1 tenth of a second in front of Massa. He will also have to get past an in-form Kubica to get a shout off Schumacher and to make up ground.


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