Money where your mouth is…

Posted: 07/05/2010 in Formula 1

Now I bet on F1 from time to time for a bit of fun. The last bet I placed was £20 on Rosberg (25/1) and £10 on Nico Hulkenberg (100/1), both to win the WDC. Yer yer don’t bother starting about Hulkenberg I know he hasn’t been the new Hamilton…yet but (100/1) for a rookie that good deserves a small looking with a hope of a Brawn GP style win. But Nico has seem to be delivering at the moment for me being 2nd overall in the drivers championship which I’m very chuffed because I picked him over Vettel, Alonso, Lewis and Schumacher and the odds on Rosberg were very good at the time.

So I thought I would try to put my money were my mouth is by trying to help you guys/gals pick a driver to win pole and the race hoping to make you money If your lucky. 

Now my first bet would be about the WDC, I truly believe It’s Vettel’s to lose because the car is good when it isn’t falling apart and vettel is in a league of his own when the race goes as planned. So I say find the best odds you can get online/bookies and bet on vettel. Or If your feeling daring or not fussed to lose a bit of money bet on Rosberg (25/1) or Button (12/1), their odds are great and are leading the way. Both of these drivers also are holding their own against bigger named drivers who should be all over them so far it’s looking the other way round.

For WCC I’m still in between Ferrari (12/5) and McLaren (15/8) for this since I think Schumacher and Webber will let their teams down in points wise over the season so I say stay clear of Red Bull and Mercedes and just buy that F1 team hat you always wanted or just save it for later.

Now, we are at the Spanish GP FINALLY!! so let’s think about Pole position first and then 1st place on the race afterwards.

With pole position in Spain, theirs the easy option to go with Vettel who has very bad odds (1), (11/10), (4/5). I would say stay clear of vettel and go for somebody like Lewis or Webber both (4/1), (5/1). Webber has the same car as Vettel and is looking strong beside him in the practice times, Lewis is also looking strong in practice. Team Red Bull are also watching McLaren who they say will be the biggest threat to them in qualifying and with rain quite likely for qualifying Red Bull shouldn’t be as quick compared to the dry.  If your feeling bold maybe you should try Schumacher (25/1), (20/1) great odds for a maybe “comeback”. The reason why you should look at Michael is because he is looking fairly strong even in the dry against the likes of the other top teams, but maybe the rain would give him an edge in his “new” car and he might also go for a full wet setting with him trying desperately to get pole position unlike the other teams which would plan for the main race the day after. It would be a hollow win for Michael but £10 x 25/1 = £250 for you if it happened.

Now for the race it is also meant to rain and we havent really seen a wet race fully without teams going nuts with tyre changes messing up the race for everybody. McLarens looked strong in the wet in China so maybe a safe “wet bet” would be Lewis Hamilton (9/2), (5/1) to win…..but you should never ever doubt Fernando Alonso to challenge the 1st in Spain. Alonso to win is (13/2), (5/1) and with his home crowd backing him you can guarantee he will push the limits beyond the others. Last year Alonso got 5th in one of the worst cars on the grid but still did well from 8th from the start and to keep behind the Brawns and Red Bulls to the end, and shows he has a better chance to win this year in a Ferrari, very close and not so easy for the Red Bulls I reckon. The outsider again would be Schumacher to win (25/1), (20/1) even Eddie Jordan says it is unwise to have his odds that high “in spain, with a new car more suited to him and in the wet”. But if by some miracle it is dry on Sunday bet on the Red Bulls to win.

If you were lucky enough to be one of the people who placed £10 each on Schumacher for pole and race win you would walk away with £500 profit, but they are both outside chances so they would be high numbers, so don’t be fooled by the profit and blow all your money thinking it’s 100% assured, sadly I’m no physic reader so my guess is just as good as yours.


  1. They say it might be sunny on Sunday, so red bull 1-2 is looking most likely in both quali and race.

  2. looks like I was pritty much right with Webber getting pole.

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