Vettel’s and Webber’s car will be 0.3 seconds faster in Spain

Posted: 04/05/2010 in Formula 1

Yes that is per lap.

This is new information by the Red Bull’s team consultant Helmut Marko who was interviewed by Austrian TV.

Here is what he said:

“Based on our data – and it is very reliable – I am working on the assumption that in Barcelona we will be at least three tenths faster,” he said on Austrian TV Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar 7.

“Realistically, in qualifying, Mercedes was five to seven tenths behind us,” he added. “We are now three tenths even quicker, which means they would have to make up a second. And one second (per lap) is really a lot.”

“Now that we have such a great package, we are confident that we will achieve our goal of winning the championship this year,” he said.

Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren are also bringing out huge packages but Red Bull seem very confident that they won’t be able to match it and raise the level even higher, could this be the turning point like last year when Red Bull just left everybody in the dust including the Brawns. Spain is calling to find out and watch that little trick they do bunching together on practice making it look like they don’t stand much chance.

Read the full story here:

My thoughts:? Guess that’s the title decided, unless Hamilton, Button, Massa, Alonso, Rosberg and Kubica have anything to say about it.

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