F1 lookalikes 2010 Part 1

Posted: 04/05/2010 in Formula 1

After being bored out of my head for so long and without much news to actually report since it has been a quiet few weeks. I chose to do this to pass the time for the next few days until the Spanish Grand Prix.

Bernie Eccelstone – Andy Warhol

Jaime Alguersuari – Zachary John  Quinto (aka Sylar)

Sebastien Buemi – Jean Reno

Click on link to see more…..

Lewis Hamilton – Theo Walcott

Adrian Sutil – Sylvester Stallone

Felipe Massa – Danny De Vito

Nico Rosberg – Leonardo Di Caprico

Sebastian Vettel – Justin Bieber

Fernando Alonso – Adam Goldberg

Ross Brawn – Ronald Lacey (Indiana Jones 1)

Rubens Barrichello – Kelsey Grammer

Max Mosley – Charlton Heston

And that’s all I can be asked to do……

If you see any more lookalikes do mention below, and thanks for looking.


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