Jarno Trulli at the Vinitaly 2010 Abruzzo

Posted: 30/04/2010 in Formula 1

This is the first video I have found of Jarno Trulli when I started this blog. It seems people don’t really want to know about Jarno unless he is trying to rip Adrian Sutil’s head off. Most of the time Jarno goes silent until the next race leaving everyone wondering what the fk he has been doin. So this is the most recent video involving Jarno Trulli at some Wine convention showing off his goods and with a (John Player Special F1 car) wine rack……classy.

Now I’m sure people who have never been to Italy wonder, “In Italy does everything on TV revolve around Football, wine, Berlusconi, cooking and KnightRider with subs. The answer is  “yes it fucking is” and try living with that on your holiday being stuck on an island for a week with nothing to do because it is raining.


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