How are you coping without Formula 1?

Posted: 30/04/2010 in Formula 1

Me I’m doing shit, and it’s still a week away from qualifying.


  1. Spud says:

    Preety shit too. I hate these three week breaks.
    It’s not so bad though. I had touring cars on yesterday and Moto GP was on aswell so that will keep me ticking over. 😛

    On a slightly different note, I will burst before I get to play F1 2010.
    It’s due for release on Amazon on 23rd of September or around that time.
    F1 Championship Edition is good but it’s horribly outdated.

  2. The best way to get it (earliest as possible) is to pre order online from GAME and have them deliver the game to the nearest store you have and they should “100% with me so far” have it delivered to the shop before the actual store release. I do this because where I am in the UK the postman doesn’t deliver until around 12-2pm so I order online and get it 1-2 days earlier, then I walk to the shops around 8:30am and I can pick it up and play it 3-5 hours before the postman would of shuved it through my letter box.

    Also since Codemasters is based in the UK, if we are lucky you might be able to get it 2 days before store release I’ve had this before with Fable 2 and Dirt 2 when pre ordering online.

    So yer, order online you will get it sooner.

    I did the same thing with Mass Effect 2 when it came out recently, I was nere then end when the rest got it the day afterwards, I plan to do the same again with Formula 1 2010.

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