Red Bulls together + in 3rd practice = Danger for drivers in qualifying

Posted: 26/04/2010 in Formula 1

With the Red Bulls showing they have the fastest car for the 2010 season, it’s almost like we never left 2009. Both Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel would be fairly quiet compared to other driver like Lewis Hamilton through practice. Until qualifying came up they would mostly blow the field away and pull out a 1- 2 grid shut out against the rest, and people would just wonder how?, how did they do it?

Over the 2 years watching Red Bull closely, I have noticed a certain trait they do just before they do very well at qualifying (most of the time) and sometimes off to win the race (some of the time). This trait is in qualifying 3 when they post similar times and stick together at the end of practice, while the other drivers try to put the best time possible even though they don’t know that 2 other drivers will take it away from them.

Examples from 09 season:

  • Chinese GP, 3rd practice/ vettel 16th mark 15th= Result in qualifying vettel 1st mark 3rd, Race result vettel 1st mark 2nd.
  • British GP, vettel and webber were just too fast all weekend no point holding back. 1-3 1-2 result
  • German GP, 3rd practice/ vettel 4th mark 5th = Result in qualifying vettel 4th mark 1st, Race result vettel 2nd mark 1st.
  • Hungary GP, 3rd practice/ vettel 10th mark 9th = Result in qualifying vettel 2nd mark 3rd, race result vettel RET mark 3rd.

They did do it on some of the other races when just 1 driver does well but the other does poor,  there is not point involving them since Red Bull did have the worst luck in the 2009 season so the evidence I bring is not 100% “FULL PROOF”

2010 season: The differences with this year is that Lewis and Alonso are in better cars this season muddling up the field, but it still doesn’t stop the Red Bulls doing well at qualifying when they don’t choke. Now that we are entering Europe for the Spanish grand prix don’t take Red Bulls for granted when they are together, because they are most likely to catch the other teams off guard when it really needs to count. And this is when the season really starts so every trick in the book will be needed to win them all.

So If I was a betting man and saw mark and vettel together mid high up the grid in practice 3, I would be 70% confident that one of them would get pole out of no ware and about 65% confident they would go off to win the race. It’s clearly obvious Red Bull are holding back in practice and Christian Horner is playing dumb saying: “don’t know why we are off the pace a bit” when they are about 90% happy with the car. The same thing applies for the other teams but I haven’t seen any team so far matching the Red Bulls in qualifying.



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