Microphone and Camera interview world Championship 2010

Posted: 26/04/2010 in Formula 1

This is the first world championship involving microphones, tape recorders and camera’s. The way for the drivers to win this is they must get as many as the above objects in their face over the season. The winner will get a chufty badge through email showing who is the most sought out driver over the season.

Points will be given out like this:

  • 1 Point for tape recorders
  • 2 Points for microphones
  • 3 Points for small camera’s
  • 5 Points for the big TV camera’s
  • x2 Points if special guest gets involved with interview.


  1. The points only count if they are at the after race interviews with the press nothing else counts.
  2. Special guests only count for famous people, no family members count or people who already work for the same team. Other F1 drivers/team managers do count though.
  3. When the yellow BBC logo vanishes the counting will begin, not before or 1 minute after.
  4. My word is final…..

Example: Here is Jenson Button being interviewed by the BBC after the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Total points = 17

Simple enough, and all drivers will be involved and the same thing goes for the constructors total as well.

Now sadly I can’t do all the points from Bahrain, Australia, Malaysia, China because BBC keep uploading new videos and removing the rest, so I’m going to start doing this after the Spanish Grand prix, and also that I can’t be asked scanning through the internet trying to find them all, “Lazy”…….maybe.

P.S, I’ve dated and claimed this idea so don’t bother taking it or I might pay a visit to your website/blog “clicks knuckles”

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