Can Spain stop racism towards Lewis this year?

Posted: 23/04/2010 in Formula 1

With 2 years at the Catalunya circuit Lewis and his family have had fans boo, jeer, insult and racially annihilate them without fail.

After the 2007 season with Lewis and Alonso attacking each other on the circuit and newspapers saying how each other is ruining the others race, we all thought this would become water under the bridge for the seasons ahead. But for some Alonso fanatics it wasn’t enough that Alonso just “lost” so for some weird reason they decided to blame Lewis for refusing to “bow down” when Alonso “demanded it”. So what is the best way to attack somebody who is famous and mentally quite strong? their family and race is the obvious choice which for normal F1 fans is beyond belief, since when did “race problems” become involved in Formula 1 like football matches?

Bernie Ecclestone tried to stop racism getting into the sport but it seems Barcelona circuit officials don’t try hard enough to stop it.

Fans around the Hamilton hate group don’t seem too bothered by it while with some of them find it quite amusing by racially attacking somebody. Are these the kind of people who should be allowed anywhere close to a F1 circuit? obviously not.

The 2009 season shows the hate is still there against Lewis and is not going down enough. Bernie has made it clear if they can not control their fans they would lose their chance to ever hold another grand prix.

Spanish fan makes sure how he feels towards Lewis.

This isn’t the only sport in spain that has had racist intentions towards black/halfcast sports-men/women in Spain.

Samuel Eto’o playing for Barcelona away against Real Zaragoza, he decided he had enough of having monkey chants towards him and nearly walked off the pitch. Eto’o in the end refused to allow his family into the stands to watch him play so that they wouldn’t be upset by the chanting.

Fans backing up Lewis in Spain to do well.

After the 2008 incident of racism towards Lewis a plaque was unveiled in his name at the circuit in 2009 with other world champions like Michael Schumacher and  Ayrton Senna. But the thought still lingers of more racism being cast at Lewis, and with Bernie having his axe ready for both Spanish grand prix’s to be chopped if  it is not 100% sorted will be a test to stop so many Lewis haters.

Spain will have true Spanish F1 fans and Barcelona circuit officials sweaty under the collar wondering if anymore idiots would try another stunt towards Lewis this year that would seal the fate of both Barcelona and Valencia until the day Lewis retires.

My thoughts?: Other F1 fans across the world should band together to stamp this disgrace out of our sport which in the end ruins the race for everybody. When do you see this in the stands of Britain, Germany, China, Australia, Belgium, Italy and other circuits attacking other drivers before and after a race? nothing comes to mind except Brazil….. yes Brazil.


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