History shows Alonso, Schumacher, Button and Hamilton may have to wait for another WDC.

Posted: 19/04/2010 in Formula 1

All the Formula 1 greats in the past have had enormous success when they drove for their teams. But for most of these greats they had to wait years for another WDC to pop up for them. Alonso has been waiting for 3 years to get another WDC while Hamilton missed out last season to Button’s untouchable Brawn GP package for a “dog of a car” that McLaren gave him.

Drivers like Schumacher, Lauda, Piquet Snr and Prost all had to wait years to get another WDC when they were driving.  It’s starting to look the same for the 4 world champions driving this season and with having drivers like Vettel, Rosberg, Kubica and Webber not letting them have it their own way all the time it could turn out that history is repeating.

Juan Manuel Fangio:51-54, waited 3 years for another WDC.

Fangio was a lucky man when Mercedes swooped him up when they wanted to dominate the sport in 1954. Even though he was doing well from the start in 54 with Maserati, winning 2 out of the first 3 races, he would then continue to win the WDC up to 1957 with 2 of them without Mercedes power.

Alain Prost: 86-89, 89-93, waited 3 years for another WDC and then another 4 years for the 4th.

Arch enemy and Past team-mate of Ayrton Senna, Alain fought with the best in history even with his smooth driving style which people sneered at every grand prix, he always delivered when others didn’t. He was to be dominant with Ayrton at McLaren trading blows for the WDC title until he jumped ship to Ferrari. They would then sack Alain for critism against the team in 92 so he took a year out of F1 to join Williams in 93 to win his 4th WDC.

Nelson Piquet Snr: 83-87, waited 4 years for another WDC.

Nelson Piquet Snr is one of the most respected world champions in history, taking on other world champions like Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell and Niki Lauda. Piquet had not much luck until the dominate Canon Williams gave him a new ride in 86 to go off and win the 87 WDC in front of his team-mate Mansell by 12 points.

Graham Hill: 62-68, waited 6 years for another WDC.

A well-known play boy who still puts the likes of Jenson Button so shame when it comes to fun. Triple crown winner (winner of Le mans 24hr, Daytona 500 and the Monaco GP) Graham had left a good career behind which even his son Damon couldn’t beat. With joining BRM to win the 62 WDC. He never got the number 1 for 4 years even though getting 2nd place 3 years in a row,  he would have to wait until 1967 to join with Lotus and Jim Clark. Graham was number 2 until Jim Clark died at the German Grand Prix, he would then win the 1968 WDC but never got close again for the rest of his career.

Michael Schumacher: 95-2000, 07-??, waited 5 years for another WDC.

The most highly decorated Formula 1 driver in history at this moment in time. With winning the world title with Benneton twice before going to Ferrari and bringing back the fear Ferrari used to have in the old F1 days. With 5 years of trying to get Ferrari back to the top Williams and McLaren would stop them until the year 2000 when both Schumacher and Ferrari dominated for the next 5 years and braking almost every record around. The Year 2002 would be the best for Schumacher getting on the podium at every race, never crashing all season and nearly over the whole season being double over his team-mate Rubens on points who was 2nd overall.

Jack Brabham: 60-66, waited 6 years for another WDC.

The only driver in F1 history to win a world title with his own home-made car in 1966, Jack Brabham who is an Aussie legend never had it all his own way with having the British onslaught of Hill, Surtees and Clark. But he stuck it out for 6 years to get his 3rd world title and the constructors in 1966.

Niki Lauda:77-84, waited 7 years for another WDC.

Good friend and close rival of James Hunt in their younger days of driving Niki would have a difficult starting 3 years with March Racing team and BRM and in the end going with Ferrari. He would win 2 WDC with Ferrari in 75 and 77, Lauda would then quit 2 races from the end with Ferrari, after they wanted Gilles Villeneuve in a 3rd Ferrari for the Canadian grand prix. After joining Brabham racing team which was owned by Bernie Ecclestone at the time for 2 seasons had enough of “driving around in circles” and retired. Lauda came back to Formula 1 with McLaren in 1982 being 5 years out of racing, and then winning the 1984 WDC by (half a point) over his team-mate Alain Prost.

How much longer will these champions of today have to wait for another WDC like the past champions did?


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