Petrov close to going infront of Schumacher in WDC.

Posted: 18/04/2010 in Formula 1

With Vitaly Petrov finally getting his first race points with a near solid race by him and with a great decision by Renault today he has got within 4 points of old boy Michael Schumacher. Mercedes driver Schumacher has been losing ground over everybody in recent races with equal unlucky and poor drives by him which has left him a sitting duck for Petrov and other drivers to overtake him in the title race. Yes Petrov is still 54 points behind Jenson Button who is in a better car and has been driving a lot longer then he has, but don’t deny his well placed driving ability in F1 already with some strong performances.  Race after race it is starting to look Petrov is ready to start pushing forward to keep up with his team-mate Robert Kubica who is 34 points in front of him and it is looking like a good time to do so.

If Renault can keep up with the upgrades that the top teams will unveil in Spain, Petrov could get in front of Schumacher and Sutil if he delivers in Spain. He is also a stones throw away from Mark Webber who has been showing poor driving form at the moment and with having the best car on the grid by far. Petrov is also showing up his fellow rookie Nico Hulkenberg who has only 1 point in the season so far, while last year Nico humbly defeated Petrov by 25 points in GP2. Renault will be bringing out their own F-Duct in Spain to assist Kubica and Petrov to fight for more points.

My Thoughts?: If he gets a car anything close to the Red Bull’s, Petrov could be in the top 7-8 end of the season.


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