Is Lewis Hamilton slowly going bald?

Posted: 18/04/2010 in Formula 1

Over the 3 season’s Lewis has been around  he has given us all scares from mistakes and overtaking attempts that make our hair fall out. But  it looks to be that all Lewis’ crazy driving has slowly caught up with him over the years, as it looks like to some F1 fans that he is starting to go bald.

Here are a few pictures over the years with Lewis Hamilton:

2007, Brazil

2008, Malaysia

2009, Britain

2010, Reebok headquarters

Who or what is to blame for this horrible crime?

We try to go through the list of possible offender’s.

Fernando Alonso. 

Did Alonso really have the last laugh when he was teammates with Lewis?

With Alonso disliking his new “driver buddy” and stealing the lime light from him it then all ended in tears for both of them. At Brazil 2007, with Alonso losing his possible; youngest triple world champion consecutively chances, and with Lewis  failing to be the; first rookie to become WDC+younger WDC  lost to rumored drink driver Kimi Raikkonen. You can see why both would be cursing each other over the years to lose hair, but it seems Alonso’s hair is just getting longer and longer while the reverse for Lewis. Did this part in Lewis’ life really start the downfall for his top?

Possibility: 7/10


Anthony Hamilton.

 Did Anthony finally get sick and tired of Lewis having better hair than him?

Father, manager, hypno expert….. Anthony has been there from the start for Lewis and guiding him to the top of F1 and making him into the multi million product he is today. With all the hard work he put in and all the times Lewis’ needed a shoulder to cry on you would have thought nothing could come in between them. Until the day Lewis’ new “pussycat” Nicole came along to cut in on the action who slowly pushed aside Anthony.  Just before the 2010 season Lewis sacked Anthony to be more of a father figure, did Anthony dislike Nicole distracting Lewis and is the reason why he got the boot? or did Anthony have enough of all the love and said: “A curse on all your scalps” and just left them to it?

Possibility: 5/10


Ron Dennis.

 Was Ron Dennis thinking Lewis was getting bigger than McLaren?

The man who Lewis wanted to drive for when he was a little boy all those years ago. Co product of Ron and Anthony and the whole reason why Lewis is the driver he is today. Both were very close “friends” for all those years growing up, and for the first 2 years in F1 all was going well for the duo, life was sweet and nothing could go wrong………..until the 2009 season started and “liegate” both would have high tempers that season breaking the bond they loved so much. Ron Dennis left the McLaren F1 team in the 09 season to help sort out the McLaren car manufacturing for the MP4-12C in 2011. Or was it because Lewis dumped Ron for Nicole? or that Hamilton was having enough of him breathing down his neck all the time?

Possibility 6/10


McLaren F1  hats.


Did wearing so many hats over the years speed up the process?

The McLaren hat which as the picture shows above gives evidence that where ever Lewis goes in McLaren gear he has that giant boil of a hat on his head. It’s not the best looking hat on the grid in my opinion with a giant mobile phone company slapped on your head all the time must really make you feel like a tit at every grand prix. But did wearing so many hats catch him out with his receding hairline to make it even worse and not giving it air time to time? If this is the true cause, Lewis will need to stop wearing these hair death traps or be forever doomed to be wearing them in the sun.

Possibility: 8/10


Please leave your thoughts on who or what done it to Lewis’ hair. This is a joke thread and not to be taken seriously.

  1. Its Alonso! Hamilton is donating him the hair to keep his eyebrows looking full.

  2. HamFan says:

    It is growing bigger as days go by. A picture from Korean GP:

  3. Tom says:

    This is a fkn stupid post! Tosser

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