Can Nico Rosberg finally emulate his father KeKe Rosberg?

Posted: 18/04/2010 in Formula 1

With 4 seasons at Williams and with 4 seasons of average cars to help him, most people who watched Formula 1 thought Nico Rosberg was an average driver who would never win a world title in his career. Aged 25 on June the 27th he is now 2nd in the 2010 WDC and behind last years champion Jenson Button by 10 points. He is in front of other great drivers on the grid, Fernando Alonso,  Lewis Hamilton who are a point behind and Sebastien Vettel by 5 points behind Nico, but all three have had a better car from the start of the season. The Spanish Grand prix looks to be the turning point for Mercedes who say they will have a massive upgrade for the European campaign for both Nico and Schumacher. Nico unlike Schumacher has been doing solid qualifying and raking in the points bringing two 3rd placed podiums in a row so far. With 4 races gone this season he is looking strong to maybe get what his father has, a World Title.

Keke Rosberg over the years has helped and fund Nico to become the driver he is now, with 10 years of experience and the knowledge to show Nico how to handle with the heavier fuels loads he has made a bigger impact than the previous seasons. KeKe Rosberg who was aged 29 when he made his F1 debut in 1978, with 4 years being in back runner cars everybody must have thought the same about Keke as they are about Nico. But the time when Keke got into the TAG Williams Team for his 5th season at F1,  it all finally clicked into place for him with bringing in 5 podiums 1 win at the Swiss Grand Prix and the world title infront of Didier Peroni and John Watson.


Tribute to Keke Rosberg.!v=twrB68TuG3M&feature=fvw

Nico is in his 5th year of Formula 1 and looking well placed so far,  could he pull off a Grand Prix win or two this year, stamp out his critics and also do what his father did in his 5th year? He heads to Spain being the leading German……

My Thoughts? I believe he can do it this year.

  1. Spud says:

    I am not a fan of any one driver or team in all the years I’ve watched F1, (since 1994 ish I think…), I have always liked to see close racing and the “underdog” driver or team do well.

    I was glad to see Force India get their first points last season.

    It was great to see HRT get both cars home today in China (albeit a few laps down..)

    Williams are not the team they once were so when they get into even the lower points positions, I am delighted for them.

    Nico spent four years with Williams, scoring 4 points in his first season, 20 points in his second, 17 in his third, and 34.5 and all of Williams’ points in his final season with them. Not bad for a young guy in some average cars.

    This season Nico has slightly slipped in under the radar. With everyone else talking up Alonso, Schumacher, Vettel and so on and so on, Nico is plugging away in a car which is not quite fast enough, putting in the work, being consistant and now he is sitting pretty in second place only ten points behind a certain British fella who has won two races this year.

    So Marc, I’d almost agree with your closing statement.
    I think Nico “could” do it this year. He would have a lot of work to do, but if he keeps his head down and keeps driving like he is driving at the moment he will do very well.

    I doubt anyone, including Nico, would have thought that by Round 4 of the season, Nico would be FORTY points ahead of his illustrious teammate, who’s name escapes me at the moment…. You know who I’m talking about, eh, German fella aswell, won a few titles a few years back…. Ah I can’t remember..

    Anyway, good luck to Nico for the rest of the season.
    It looks like it will be a cracker.

    • Tbh every time I see Nico and Kubica do well it gives me goosebumps, since I just cant take my eyes off the race because it’s just looking sooooo tight in the standings.

      Yer saying “poor cars” in my article was abit harsh but I meant it in the way compared to others; the Ferrari’s, Renaults, McLarens etc…. you know what I’m on about.

      But your right average is better suited then “poor”.

      Nobody is dominating its going from Ferrari to Mclaren to Red Bull to McLaren, with Mercedes and Renault putting in good positions every race to keep in touching distance of them. Any 1 race nere the end could give a world champion from 6th-7th.

      It would be nice to see Force India do that “little” bit better so to make it even tighter it would just be crazy having 8-10 drivers in the running.

      Yer I’m trying my best to slowly get off supporting a variety of drivers since it’s that emotion which gets you going when your driver does well because you have been backing him since the start. I was worse when I was younger screaming at the TV jinxing Mika, Damon, Villneuve hoping for an engine failure.

      Tbh I would be lucky to be as unbiased as Keith from F1fanatic within a few years, it’s what I’m really trying to do lol but its soooooo hard because of Massa with his heart, Vettel with his hunger to win and Rosberg’s willpower to proove people wrong.

      you always have to try to find a posistive about a driver to respect him. Lucky for keith he doesn’t need that.

      I also forgot who the other guy was in the mercedes, was his name nakajima? :p no no…..

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