Nico Rosberg: I’m on Par with Schumacher.

Posted: 04/03/2010 in Formula 1

Nico Rosberg is confident that he is “on Par” with the 7 times world champion Michael Schumacher after showing positive signs of his new car.

After showing at the testing days, the Mercedes team will be one of the top teams around for the 2010 season and it will come to mind that Nico Rosberg “should” have his most competitive year yet. Even after 4 years of being in Williams without a win he still believes that if it came to it of  he could beat him to claim the crown.

“I will definitely be on a par with him and win races this year, to do that I have to beat him now and then. But Michael is the best racing driver of all time, and certainly not without justification.”

He also backed up his teammate that even being out of Formula 1 for 3 years he will not be at the back of the field with the young drivers pushing him about.

“It won’t be like that,” he said. “But the tests have shown that there are at least four strong teams that are very close together and one of these eight drivers must be at best eighth.”

Rosberg also mentioned that after pre-season testing he slowly gained the respect of Schumacher showing the ability he really has.

“I think Michael respects me a bit more after these tests, which is important to me,” he said. “Above all, I wanted to show the team that the car runs equally well when I am at the wheel.”

My Opinion?: Show them what you got Nico.


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