Hakkinen vs Brundle

Posted: 03/03/2010 in Formula 1

Who will get the new managers job for one of the most talked about drivers in the World? we look at the stats and experience of both to see who would be the best suited.

(Skills In driving)


Mika Hakkinen:

World title’s: 98 and 99.

F1 driving years: 10.

Teams:Lotus, McLaren.

Race exp: 165 races, 20 wins, 51 podiums, 420 total career points, 26 pole positions, 25 fastest laps.


Martin Brundle:

F1 driving years: 10.

Teams: (F1) Tyrrell, Zakspeed, Williams, Brabham, Benetton, Ligier, McLaren and Jordan.   (24hr) Jaguar, Nissian Motorsport, Toyota Team Europe and Team Bentley.

Race exp: 98 career points, 1st in 24hr 1990.

Le Mans 24hr exp:  5 years.


(Outside of F1)


Brundle: ITV, BBC, Sunday times.


Hakkinen: Ambassador of “Responsible Drinking” for Johnnie Walker Whisky,  Advisory for Ron Dennis.


(Manager skills)


Hakkinen: None


Brundle: David Coulthard



Mika Hakkinen would be a “good” option for Lewis, but does he really need an champion telling him stuff that he already knows?  In reality Mika Hakkinen shouldn’t be able to do much with driving ability Lewis already has a lot and is still very young in the sport. Hakkinen also doesn’t have a lot of experience on the other side of F1, a good driver yes but not a good manager. 6/10

Martin Brundle should be the obvious choice here to have. Lewis needs a manager who has inside connections with ITV and the BBC and who better to help to increase Lewis’s value in the world then to improve relations with Lewis and F1 fans. Martin Brundle might not be the best driver around but in the Commentator world of F1 he is already one of “if not” the best in the world. He has his famous pit straight walk and is well know in the paddock with his gift of the gab talking to Bernie Ecclestone and other famous people with him because when you get interviewed by Martin Brundle you must have hit the big time in F1. 8.5/10



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