USF1 Shutdown…..

Posted: 02/03/2010 in Formula 1

After mounths of predictions that USF1 would not compete in F1 let alone get a car ready has pritty much been given closure today after information was reportedly leaked that staff had been put on “unpaid leave” starting today. This deals a massive blow to USF1 fans for the 2010 season but not a massive blow for the FIA with Stefen GP in the wings ready to take their place on the grid.

No calls have been taken from the american based team with just an answer machine telling “this number is not working” which pritty much shows either this is the biggest joke of F1, or the final nail in the coffin for the 2010 chance.

It has been said that Windsor and Anderson were not there to tell the staff about the decesion, and also not answering questions to anybody on why they took the decision now and not 2 mounths ago. More to follow………..when somebody from USF1 talks.

My thoughts?: shame, there’s always next year guys…………..guys?


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