Dietrich Mateschitz: No deal for Kimi Raikkonen….

Posted: 01/03/2010 in Formula 1

With rumours going about that Mark Webber is to quit F1 in 2011 and Kimi would be his replacement beside Vettel all seemed true with the lack of information. But the owner of “Red bull racing” had other ideas and spoke out aloud to “autosport”.

“This is nothing moe than pure speculation, We do not know what Kimi intends to do in one year. We have a very good relationship which makes room for speculations.

 “But to tell you now Kimi will be racing for us in 2011 is not serious. If Webber provides top performances this year we will not reward him by giving his cockpit to Raikkonen.”

Mark Webber had a good year in 2009 getting 4th place overral with the RB5, while Kimi Raikkonen only managed 6th overral and being behind Lewis Hamilton for the 2nd year running.


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