F1 on this Day….

Posted: 21/02/2010 in Formula 1

English racing driver Peter Gethin was born on this day in 1940. He drove 30 races in F1, mainly for Mclaren and BRM, and took just one win: the 1971 Italian Gran Prix at Monza when he went from fourth to first place on the very last lap to win the closest ever finish in F1 history; he was just 0.01 seconds ahead of Ronnie Peterson. Gethin’s average speed was 150.75mph making it the fastest ever race in history of the F1 World Championship. The record stood stood until the 2003 Italian GP when Michael Schumacher broke it with an average speed of 153.84mph.

Four years later on the same day Ferenc Szisz passed away aged 60. the Hungarian driver was the winner of the first ever race to use the title ‘Grand Prix’, the French Grand Prix at Le Mans in 1906. After he passed away, another man, rumored to be his brother, impersonated Szisz in Hungary until he too died in 1970.

Source: ” FORMULA ONE, On This Day”


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