Alonso: “F10 best car I have ever driven”

Posted: 21/02/2010 in Formula 1

Alonso today has just rated his new Ferrari F10 “the best car he has ever driven”, even after both Mclaren and Red Bull clocking faster times then the F10 at Jerez by 1.5 seconds.

“This is the best car I’ve ever had,” said the world champion in 2005-06.

Both Red Bull and Mclaren showed good pace at Jerez with some what limited testing with the rain interrupting.

“Red Bull, McLaren and Renault have been very quick and have shown their cards, while we are still hiding ours.”

“We will analyse the data, but we are very optimistic.”

“If I were in a different team I would be looking at Ferrari because everything is going really well. “Maybe where Ferrari has to improve is the short runs with little fuel onboard.”

Last chance for testing to show who has the best car from the start should be decided at the Barcelona circuit next week.

My thoughts?: Still needed Red Bull designs to make that car eh?


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