Jean Todt:New teams can miss three races.

Posted: 09/02/2010 in Formula 1

Today the FIA has said that the new teams entering into Formula 1 this season can have up to a three race grace period to get them fully ready if need be.

Jean Todt said: “In the last draft of the Concorde Agreement it’s written that a team can skip three races.”

Both USF1 and Campos have been put under the spotlight by “Don Ecclestone” repeating that they would not be ready in time for Bahrain. With this new rule Jean Todt has made up has surely eased the tension down for the new teams who are struggling to get ready and are just now able to focus on making a good car then just making “a car”.

Bruno Senna also backed up his team Campos, saying:”We are working very hard to be in Bahrain.”

USF1 are also meant to have a shakedown of there car in Alabama this mounth but where still being put under alot of pressure from the spotlight of other F1 teams.

Jean Todt talking to BBC:

“If one of them doesn’t make it, it doesn’t mean another team comes in,”

“It’s up to the FIA to decide if they have the credentials.”

The other F1 hopeful “Stefan GP” are still in the wings crossing their fingers praying one of the teams don’t make, so they have a half a shot to get in.

My thoughts?: Better crack on Campos and USF1


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