Petrov could lose Renault seat.

Posted: 08/02/2010 in Formula 1

With the first Russian to become a F1 driver we would think of  him being friends with rich Russians and that he would have no trouble getting a seat with any Formula 1 team, but thats not what his family thinks.  In reality Petrov has been put under abit of pressure from Renault to get the other half of the 15 million euros to get his 2010 seat. 500 companies have been said to have turned Petrov down for sponser and only a good friend who is the Chairman of the St Petersburg’s bank board of directors gave him half of what he needed….”what a true friend”. But even that is still slowly going to Renaults pocket to irritate them, so people will wonder if he can actually pay the full amount.

Interview from Petrov snr with SovSport.Ru:

“I don’t know,” replied Petrov Sr. when asked where the second half of the cash sum will materialise from. “We have still not received the first seven and a half million; the bank has extended the period because of the amount of the money.

“If, before the 1 March the first payment isn’t made, Vitaly can be exchanged for another driver.” He added that the second instalment is required by the middle of the season.

My thoughts?: Go ask Roman Abramovich for the rest.


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