FIA overturn ban on Flavio and Symonds

Posted: 05/01/2010 in Formula 1


The small amount of time we had knowing that certain cheaters would be banned for years. And even longer If you were the guy who told a driver to crash a multi million car into a wall, would be punished by the FIA and would not have to deal with this again.  But only just today was Flavio’s ban reversed by the FIA after Flavio’s lawyers challenged the FIA saying the trial “infringed its own articles of association”, “rendered a decision it was not competent to pronounce”,”totally failed to respect my right to a fair defence” and “finally, entrusted the tasks of investigation, prosecution and judgment to a principle player known by all to be hostile to me” . So at the end of the hearing Flavio and pat symonds bans were overturned by the FIA and paid compensation, Flavio demanded 1 million euros but just got 20,000 euros in damages, Symonds reiceved 5,000 euros. So  in a way It’s been a good day for the cheaters in F1.

My opinion?

This wouldn’t of happend if Piquet Jnr was also banned from entering Formula 1. What ever next? Micheal Schumacher demanding compensation from Jacques Villeneuve for damaging his car when he tried to ram him off the track. I wont be surprised If you see Flavio in one of the lower teams sooner then later. I think Virgin or USF1 will sign him.


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