Renault want the 2011 title

Posted: 03/01/2010 in Formula 1

Renault have made a statement today saying they want to challenge for the 2011 World title. Their aim is to just improve through the 2010 season and make their main attack within the 2011 season, something similar on what Brawn GP done last year. Renault have been under alot of pressure recently from the board members of the company. With all the news about the “Crash-Gate scandle” which happened at the Singapore GP in 2008, that involved Nelson Piquet Jnr crashing his car. They have tried hard to gain the respect back from the fans and the FIA and have just barely made it through in one piece ready for 2010.”

This is a interview by “Autosport”

 “The real target for us is to build for 2011 and a championship campaign,” Bell explained to Autosport, “but we have realistic expectations for 2010; we are not going to produce a car which catapults us to the front because F1 is very competitive – but our 2010 expectations are to run towards the front and challenge for the top three.”

My Opinion?

Well they have signed Robert Kubica for 2010 but havent signed a second driver. If by chance they get Nick Heidfeld and produce a better car then last year i can see them doing alright but there’s “making a good car” and there’s “making the best car” on the grid and they have to beat the likes of Mclaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and now the Red Bulls. But good luck to them though.


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